Scott Young

Scott is an award-winning science communicator and planetarium astronomer from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He is passionate about sharing the wonders of the universe with the public and encouraging scientific literacy within all aspects of society.

As Manager of the Planetarium and Science Gallery for the Manitoba Museum, he has led many projects that have gone on to win major awards, including three CASCADE awards from the Canadian Association of Science Centres, and a Best Exhibit award from the Canadian Museums Association. 

He has served as national president of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and served as Astronomy Day chair and as a member of the Education and Outreach Committee. 

In recognition of his contributions to astronomy education in Canada, the International Astronomical Union officially named asteroid #14698 “Scottyoung” in his honour.

Outside of his astronomical experience, Scott is an active freelance author and musician; his work with the kindie band Seanster and the Monsters has resulted in recognition from the Parent’s Choice Awards, the Global Music Awards, the Creative Child Awards, and two nominations for “Best Children’s Album” by the Western Canadian Music Awards.

He lives in Winnipeg with his wife, two amazing daughters, and a grumpy cat who likes to bite.