Jason Snell

  • Jason Snell

Based between New York, Iowa, and Berlin, Jason is a multidisciplinary artist with expertise in several fields, including computer programming, artificial intelligence, motion design, music production, and generative composition. For over 20 years, he’s fused these talents into multimedia projects, most recently with his EEG system that composes music with thought.

About Primary Assembly


I’ve developed an EEG system that enables me to compose electronic music with my thoughts. I take the electrical activity of my alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and theta waves, process them through a series of algorithms, and output MIDI to control a synthesizer. It is essentially telekinesis with a machine, as I never touch the synthesizer but have full control over it.

Each time I perform with the system, I learn more about my brain and have experienced profoundly deep meditative and ecstatic states. The biofeedback of the music allows me to move up and down a ladder of consciousness, up into emotionally elevated states, or down into the abstract regions of my subconscious.

What began as a curiosity in mental music composition has become an exploration of how this technology can expand my consciousness and the internal sentience of my psyche. I’m learning to feel the electrical impact of a thought as it ripples through this medium and uses my brain as an instrument in live music composition.

Website: www.jasonjsnell.com

Primary Assembly Website: www.primary-assembly.com

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