Artist Showcase

Technology is redefining the way art is made in new and exciting ways.  Through 3D printing, virtual reality, projections, sensors, coding, augmented reality, laser cutting and more, artist have new tools to construct and create. Merging Mindsets invited artists to share their artwork in interactive digital media to showcase their incredible work.

Michael Lucenkiw

Pollution Piano (2019) Wood, Copper, Electronics, Water

This sculpture is a water quality testing machine that is in the form of a piano-like instrument. The machine performs a test of the water using the principles of conductivity analysis. Pressing each key will play a note that corresponds to one of the six samples the machine is capable of testing at once. Hearing the sonic differences will allow the viewer to gauge the variation between each of the samples. The work is intended to help showcase the varying states of water quality along the Detroit River.

The machine comprised of sculptural elements, electrical components and custom software. The structure of the machine is copper piping soldered together to form the backbone of the piano. This structure supports the six cylindrical sample vessels that contain various water samples to be tested. The piano is played by depressing the keys which were custom-designed, laser-cut and assembled to form the keyboard. An Arduino is used to activate the lighting and sense when each key is depressed. The Arduino also takes live readings of variations in electrical current passing through each water sample, the basis of the water quality test. This data is sent via serial connection to custom programming running in the MaxMSP software environment. Here, electrical resistance from each water sample is transcribed into pitch variation which is made audible through a carefully tuned software synthesizer.

The result allows the viewer to press a key which illuminates the corresponding water sample and generates an audible pitch which can be used to create musical expressions based on water quality. The piano acts as a playful entry point to the access discussion around the topic of water quality in the Detroit River – a highly trafficked shipping route bordered by many industrial sites. The river, due to its scale and material nature, can be difficult to engage with. The Pollution Piano presents parts of the river in an abstracted but simplified form in an attempt to bridge these gap offering opportunities to connect with the river.


Instagram,: @facesintheforest

Olivia Wilde

Crystal Sword, December 18, 2019, Autodesk Maya 2019.

My final project for my 3D Animation class at Red River College. Originally, the project was supposed to be textured and rendered room with furniture. Unfortunately, I ran into problems in Maya which resulted in my entire room file corrupting multiple times.

As an alternate project, I made a sword. I love seeing weapons in anime and video games, and since I want to work in the video game industry, I figured a sword would be a perfect final project. Metal swords are boring, so I made it out of crystal using the Arnold diamond texture in Maya.

Instagram: @itmightbeolive

Twitter: @itmightbeolive

Kim Campbell

Flower Fighter, 2019, Relief Print on a 3D printed Minature Printing Press

This series of mini prints were created using a 3D printed miniature printing press which I had printed using the 3D printing service at the millennium library. I think these works are a really interesting example of how new digital technology, 3D printing, can make a very old analog technology, the printing press, more inexpensive and accessible to modern artists.


Instagram: @kellygrub

Ashes and Dreams (Lisa Saunders)

“Shaken”, Dec. 5, 2019, Video (Premiere Pro, After Effects, green screen, GoPro)

“Shaken” is the band’s first experience using green screen technology in its videos. Edited using Adobe Creative Cloud software (Premiere Pro, After Effects), “Shaken” features beautiful California scenery – filmed by the band during recent travels and edited in Manitoba.

Technology has allowed Ashes and Dreams to survive and thrive since its inception. Ashes and Dreams’ songs are written by Winnipeg’s Lisa Saunders and Romanian artist Liv Mircea, who currently resides in the UK. Modern technology allows the band to song write remotely, exploring tools like file-sharing, Dropbox, recording software (Cubase) and other tools needed for long-distance collaboration. 


Instagram: @ashesanddreams1

Facebook: @AshesandDreams1

Twitter: @AshesandDreams1

Jo Smoley

Static – 2018 – Acrylic Painting Digitally Altered and Printed on Plexiglass

Hiking and kayaking throughout Canada’s parklands, forests and lakes connects me with the souls around me. My acrylic paintings express the Chi which I experience in nature. I have now taken my artwork a step farther by digitally altering the painting and creating an even more spiritual piece. I then have the digital images printed on plexiglass to create an exciting new direction for my artwork.

Instagram: @josmoleyart

Facebook: @josartjournal

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